Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rebound Love

Some people say that in order to *forget* one love (in case you…“have to”, i.e.) you gotta find another one.

And I’ve been wondering…could a rebound love ever have a chance to survive? Even if you actually like that other person, will they be *fairly* treated? Or such a relationship is always destined to fail due to bad timing?

Can a heart be healed when thrown into a new *fire* straight away?

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Nicholas V. said...

I believe that in most cases love on the rebound is doomed to fail as a permanent, long term relationship. However, I also believe that it serves an important purpose. It is a catharsis, a way of disengaging ourselves from our previous relationship and is vital in the "letting go" process.

One needs to take care, however, because the other person who is involved in this rebound relationship can be hurt, especially if they are taking seriously what on the other person's part can be only a "temporary" dalliance.

Having said all that, I am aware of a couple of people in my circle of friends and acquaintances who have found a good permanent, or even wonderful, long-term relationship while engaging in a love ont he rebound exercise...