Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Commitment - the Challenge

What's exactly the problem with commitment? If you believe that there is any...

I read an interesting article today about relationships and marriage. And although I don't exactly like all those stereotyped psychological explanations since I think that each person and each case are of course different, I admit that many situations and reactions between couples/people can be similar = stereotyped and therefore they can be analyzed as such...

I've been controversial my whole life. I seek stability only to get rid of it when I have it. But then again, maybe I haven't had the kind of stability I actually want. At the end, people have the life they want, or the life they were meant to have. I believe in destiny but I believe in the choices we make too. If a person wants a stable and normal life, they do make the choices that will allow them to have this kind of life. If they want a life full of adventure and weird situations, they make choices that lead them to all that...

I've stopped complaining and realized that out there I can find whatever I want. In free countries where people have the right to actually choose, all they have to do is be sure how they want to live their lives. We choose our partners and we sure do know what these people are capable of offering to us long before we reach that point where we start whining about this and that. Nobody will change and most importantly, they don't have to.

Rebound Love

Some people say that in order to *forget* one love (in case you…“have to”, i.e.) you gotta find another one.

And I’ve been wondering…could a rebound love ever have a chance to survive? Even if you actually like that other person, will they be *fairly* treated? Or such a relationship is always destined to fail due to bad timing?

Can a heart be healed when thrown into a new *fire* straight away?